At GameWatcher, we offer PC gaming enthusiasts the latest news, reviews and features with enthusiasm, integrity and style. With the growing popularity of Steam and other distribution services, as well as the rise of Youtube and Twitch streaming, PC gaming has become the most exciting market in the industry, and our audience is made up of the most hardcore, passionate fans in the video game community.

GameWatcher has been around for nearly a decade-and-a-half, and while our focus has changed since the days we were known as Strategy Informer, we haven't changed our devotion to producing excellent content. Our passion both as writers and gaming enthusiasts shows, and it's helped us cultivate an incredible audience. We have nearly a million unique users every month, and that number will continue to grow while our editorial team keeps producing excellent content and we expand into the growing world of video coverage.

We have a large and growing audience, an exquisitely tailored site, and an editorial team with supreme talent, timing and integrity. We've gotten to know our audience over the course of 14 years, and by understanding their tastes and needs, GameWatcher has become one of the largest hubs for PC gaming.

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