Raised Computer Floor

A raised computer floor is a floor constructed above a solid foundation, usually a concrete floor, with a vacant space between to serve as a storage and passage for electrical services. The floor panels are held up with pedestals. Raised computer floors are often used in places with frequent computer usage such as offices, cyber cafés, I.C.T centers, and so on.

This floor allows for easy wiring, passage, and storage of cables. The flooring is done with enough space to accommodate mechanics or electricians underneath it. If you’re in the business of computers and technology, raised computer floor will make a great investment for your business.

Some of the benefits of raised computer floors include:

  • Efficient cooling system

For computers to function properly and last long, it is important to put them in well air conditioned rooms. Raised flooring prevents overheating. The space between the raised floor and the foundation allows a better passage of cool air beneath the server arrays. Raised computer floor allows cold air to be pushed beneath it to reach all parts of the room and preserve cool air. It reduces the long term cost of energy. Cool air can also be made to flow above and below the tiles to keep all electronics kept beneath the floor from overheating.

  • Easy access

As mentioned above, computer raised floor makes available space between the concrete foundation and the raised floor. This space provides electricians and mechanics easy access to wires and servers. When there is a problem with cables that need addressing, electricians can crawl underneath the floors to address the problem. Raised floors provide wide space for the wires; hence, it is easier to work with them.

When working with an intricate server, there is a need to have quick and easy access to them in case of emergencies. With raised computer floors, the cables and servers can be placed beneath, making it easier to keep the wires organized and easily accessible. KW raised computer floors also make it easier to label servers so that they can be easily located.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Raised computer floors are aesthetically pleasing. An office, especially one with lots of computers, looks better with raised floors. This is because all the wires and servers in the office go under the floor. As the owner of such an establishment, the last thing you want is an office floor littered with wires and cables. This provides poor ergonomics. It is also risky as workers can trip over the wires and fall. With a raised computer floor, the wires can be organized beneath the floor, keeping the office space orderly and safe.

  • Easy fixing

Over time, tiles crack or even break. Raised computer floors make it easier to replace damaged tiles. Replacing damaged tiles on raised floors are easier and cheaper to do than replacing damaged tiles on regular floor. This is because when a tile is broken on a normal floor, a large number of tiles have to be taken out to fix the damage. This is often more time consuming and expensive. It also disrupts the work carried out in the office. Raised computer tiles, on the other hand, make it easier to take out and replace a single tile.

  •  Easier maintenance

When it comes to computers and other related electronics, frequent maintenance is required. Without proper organization, it’s almost impossible to frequently carry out maintenance on complex servers. Infrequent maintenance or total neglect of maintenance could lead to major damages. With raised computer floors, the servers can be better organized. Here the cables and ports can be laid properly and accessed quicker, making maintenance easier.

  • Long term investment

Raised computer floors are long term investments. Preserving your computers is important for the efficient running of a corporate office. Without computers, a lot of industries cannot function properly. Overheating has negative effects on computers and could lead to major damage. Ensuring there’s proper cooling in your office or computer room protects your computer, therefore, raised computer floors are long term investments.

Raised computer floor also provides you with a static free clean office. Get raised computer floors for your office today and enjoy all these benefits mentioned above.