More Benefits with Airtel DTH Recharge

With the Airtel DTH subscription, it is an easy affair to conduct numerous activities other than Airtel DTH Recharge. The DTH subscriber can simply visit the online brand website and get all relevant details. One just needs to login in using their customer service number or mobile number and type in their account password or the One-time password to be able to use the services.

Some of the key tasks that one can perform online are:-

  1. Activate a particular channel or remove a particular one from their DTH account.
  2. Activate or deactivate Interactive services. These services are the ones which offer ad free content for viewers. These services include iDarshan for live Aarti from four distinguished temples and shrines from across India as wells as devotional songs, lectures, sermons and interviews; iGoodlife that centers around topics like cooking, health, lifestyle and family; iLearn for kids for fun learning and iNews for updated news from around the world, the iAstro for daily forecasts and horoscopes.
  3. Subscribe to PPV channels which mean pay per view movies. There are eight shows in a day that Airtel provides for. Pay and watch the latest movies as per your convenience! Alternately one can subscribe to the movies by downloading the Airtel App on their mobile handset.
  4. Subscribe to games on Airtel DTH by logging in at the brand website as well as access the same at My Airtel App on your mobile.
  5. With Airtel DTH recharge done, the subscriber can register complaints to Set-top box related issues, signal related problems or shifting related queries of the DTH connection. One can also contact the customer support for transferring of ownership of one’s connection or refund of one’s money in case of disconnecting a connection. The same is then forwarded to the concerned department for easy resolving.
  6. One can query and get relevant details about new and multiple connections and upgrading the set-up box
  7. Enabling Airtel internet TV so that one can access online content on their TV itself. Online content that can be viewed on one’s television set are online streaming programs from different channels, Google voice search on remote, play games, using the smartphone as a game controller, record live TV on a pen drive; play live TV channels – the same can be paused too and download different Apps from the Google play store. The Airtel Internet TV has in-built Wi-Fi too.
  8. One is guided on latest offers on Airtel DTH recharge and tracking details of last recharges.
  9. When people face issues getting their Airtel DTH recharge done through the website they can get replies that will help them resolve the issue.
  10. Online guidance is also provided on steps and methods of recharging their DTH services; also when subscribers do not receive a confirmation on their mobile or email about the recharge the solution thereof.
  11. Know more details of your monthly Airtel DTH recharge plan like the rental, balance left and the expiry date.