Livestreaming: How to Livestream Just Like a Pro Gamer


According to Live Video Streaming Statistics, 81% of internet viewers watched more live videos in the year 2016 than in the year 2015. This clearly shows that the demand is increasing steadily. Streaming video games is actually a straightforward concept. An individual plays a game and then broadcasts it to the internet for the viewers to watch.

This shows that you can also stream like a pro with an average level of technical know-how. Nowadays, sharing every game you play online with your friends is not a difficult thing especially if you have live streaming CDN. This article will help you know more about broadcasting live videos.

Why Should You Broadcast Your Games?

People broadcast their games, simply because they want to have fun. If you had a busy week, doing this kind of activity can help you relax your mind. Watching video games is not only entertaining, but it is also engaging. This means that every time you broadcast your game, you are actually entertaining someone somewhere.

Broadcasting videos is a simple task. It helps you share your experience with other individuals. This is really important because viewers can actually see how the game is so as to decide whether to purchase it or not. It also gives people who do not have time to play a game an opportunity to know what a particular game is all about.

Broadcast Live with CDNsun

CDNsun can help you broadcast your games with ease. It has about twenty-five CDN streaming servers worldwide. Most importantly, it provides high speed for video viewers. It is important to note that CDN streaming services can support all protocols, devices, and formats.

  1. Protocols: RTMP/RTMPE, RTSP, Smooth Streaming, HDS, HLS, MPEG-TS
  2. Devices: Android, smartphones Blackberry, Mac, PC, set-top boxes
  3. Formats: MOV, WAV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC

Why Choose CDNsun

  1. HTTP Pseudo Streaming
  2. Country Access Policy
  3. RTMP Streaming
  4. Use of SSD drives
  5. Hotlink Protection
  6. Multi-bitrate Streaming
  7. HLS Streaming
  8. Token Authentication

How Does CDN Work?

When a viewer requests your CDN content, the CDN redirection system will direct him or her to the nearest CDN server. This will ensure that the visitors experience little to no problems when it comes to accessing your website regardless of the country they come from.

How to Set Up CDN

Enabling CDN on a website is an easy task. Most importantly, once CDN becomes integrated, it starts working automatically and may not require any further administration.

How to Use CDN

Before you commence using CDN, start by changing the source attribute of the content so as to point to the URL of the CDN. It is important to know that complete websites such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WordPress come with a CDN plugin. This makes integration easy.

Final Thoughts

Game streams have become more and more popular these days. Streaming live videos will not only entertain you but will also help the viewers acquire helpful information from you.