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Lengthy Range Smartphone Hacking Via Airborne UAS Repeater Relay – New Military Tech Concept

Can you really intercept mobile phone transmissions with an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, carefully rerouting the phone call to some centralized system with no individual mobile phone user or smartphone user realizing what’s going on? Well, this is actually the subject of spies and security agencies in lots of nations. They are able to intercept your e-mails, communication, and thoroughly modify it to suit their strategy. Let’s say we required this whole strategy a step further? Let’s say we’re able to re-program people’s smartphones, or even the smartphones of terrorists which were under surveillance?

Let’s say we’re able to re-program smartphones with new software, essentially jail breaking them using their current system, letting them operate directly with one another, and allowing antigovernment freedom fighters of rogue regimes complete charge of their communication devices without interference using their own government who are attempting to crack lower on their own liberty, freedom, and democracy? Let’s say we’re able to provide their communication system with an airborne UAS or unmanned aerial system cell tower on the horizon?

Not just would we’ve the chance to be aware what they’re doing therefore we could safeguard them, deliver them munitions to challenge the rogue regime, but we’d also prevent some two bit dictator from killing the freedom fighters who’re fighting for that beliefs in human legal rights on the planet. Strangely enough, you’ll be able to use lengthy-range unmanned aerial vehicles to compromise into smartphone devices, reprogramming them for the own purposes – with the idea to help freedom fighters, in order to program new protocols in to the smartphones of the extremely rogue regimes which threaten the peace, or peace in the area.

There is not any real difficulty for making this happen. The thing is, the majority of the os’s, software, and protocols that are programmed into mobile tech devices, especially handheld receivers like smartphone were really produced within the U . s . States, or with this large electronic corporations along with manufacturing facilities around the globe in partnership. We’ve everything we want including backdoors towards the software, and also the actual engineering style of the nick to possess complete charge of any device in the world we want to enter into.

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