Incredible Advantages Of Varied Customer Care Directories

Businesses and brands are spending a good amount of money on their customer support services. This is not merely because they want to please the customers, but also because there is no way one can escape competition. Nevertheless, the market saturation and competition has surely helped customers. However, when you need the number of a brand, it isn’t easy to find the same. Google may have all the information, but the data is often not sorted, and it is not at all feasible to keep all numbers handy or stored in mobile. This is precisely where online directories are handy.

Need for customer care directories

No matter whether you are looking for your banker’s number or want to find details of why a flight has been delayed, customer care numbers are needed more frequently than expected. Sadly, the information available on the web isn’t always updated, and the details on many websites aren’t even updated properly. Also, it is rather cumbersome to store such numbers on mobile, because an average customer uses endless products and services, and one never knows when there is a need for assistance. This is precisely where customer care directories come handy.


How different are these portals?

Normally, people use Yellow Pages to get the contacts of the services and businesses they need. However, finding customer care numbers is always complicated. A brand may have more than a few numbers, and some of these numbers might be chargeable, as well.  Also, one company may have many branches and segments of services and products. For example, Lenovo sells everything from laptops to tablets and other gadgets, and the customer care number for each may differ. With customer care directories, you get direct access to the numbers you actually need. Needless to mention, this makes things simpler for regular needs

How to choose between services?

There are many known services like, which are known for the assistance they offer. However, there are three basic things you should check about customer care directories.

  • Firstly, is their website updated on a regular basis? Businesses often change customer care numbers faster than most people know, and it makes sense to choose a customer care directory that’s well organized and sorted. A good company would never shy away from talking of the measures they take to update their listings.
  • Secondly, you need to check the cost charged by the directory for direct calls. It is possible to call customer care numbers directly from a website, and for that, the service may charge a small fee. Make sure that you keep a check for the same in advance, so that you can foresee the costs.


  • Thirdly, does the company have its own customer service? At times, you may need clarifications and answers to some of the questions regarding their services, and a renowned service will invest in assisting customers on this aspect.

With a good customer care directory at hand, you will never need to check Google for support and information.

Author Bio – Pete Schnieder is an author and blogger and has worked with clients across different industries. He is also a manager of operations with an online directory.