Did You Miss Angry Birds

Who would forget the phenomenal Angry Birds and the chaos it brought then? For sure though time has passed, it is still remembered by some especially those who got crazily addicted to it. The story about this game is becoming part of the history of computer games already which one can hardly forget. After all, it is said that a number of people have broken their phones out of frustration because they can’t seem to get any progress with the game. There are even those who did not do anything for a week or more and just mastered the game.

Yes, it was really crazy then and some even threatened the maker of Angry Birds when it was suddenly taken off from circulation. They couldn’t believe that after days of mastering the game, it will become unavailable all of a sudden. Gone are their efforts in trying to level up with Angry Birds all of a sudden! Are you one of those who are frustrated as well? If that is the case, you should be happy to know that you can now revive your skills as the game you missed so much is now available in online jogos friv games play now.

Let me remind you what made online gamers addicted to Angry Birds then:

  1. The mechanics are the simplest – Yes, the mechanics of Angry Birds are then really simple that even kids can play them. Until now though, the same mechanics are used if you will check this game from friv games. Anyone can just play with it and will have better chances of progressing.
  2. You may fail but can play again right away – This is another factor why this game is quite addictive. Yes, a player might easily fail but then again, he can right away play again as well. There is no need to wait for lives and so on. This is why, there is always that hope that the next game will be better.
  3. Progress is quick – Yes, levelling up is easy inn Angry Birds and you can rest your fingers from clicking and clicking just so the bird will not fall. One can easily accumulate levels of progress inspiring them to go further.

So, if you really miss the excitement, the fun and the frustrations, then you should check out friv games as Angry Birds game is one of their offered games.