Decoding The New Smart SEO Auditor: Simplified Tool For Website Audit!

SEO statistics and Google Analytics may offer an insight about the performance of a website, but on-page elements and components need special attention. If you try and review every single page of a portal for various things like titles, descriptions, broken links and images, it can take hours, especially for websites that have more than 10 pages. Smart SEO Auditor aims to simplify that. As one of the newly launched tools for website audits, Smart SEO Auditor works as the ‘one click’ solution for reviewing each page for more than 30 different criteria. In this post, we are reviewing the tool for your help.

How is Smart SEO Auditor different?

There are many tools that promise to review and offer an overview of your website is performance, but none of these are comprehensive, at least the free ones. Smart SEO Auditor offers a simplistic means to audit and review websites for almost every aspect, such as broken links, duplicates, links from other sites, website images, titles, descriptions, server response codes, user friendly URLs, and keywords. To know more what all this tool checks for, you can check To answer the question, Smart SEO Auditor is different because it focuses on a lot of elements that are manually impossible to evaluate.

Do I need to pay for the tool?

Yes, and no. Smart SEO Auditor has a freeware edition, which can crawl websites with up to 100 pages. For bigger portals and large websites, you will need the paid edition. The developers of Smart SEO Auditor offer incredible technical support for both versions, and yes, you also have a 30-day moneyback guarantee on the paid one.

Who can benefit from Smart SEO Auditor?

Literally, anyone who owns or manages a website will find the tool useful. It is targeted and designed keeping web marketing enthusiasts, webmasters and SEO experts in mind. What makes the tool even more special is how you can use it without knowing a lot about technology. Just download the app on your system, install and run it, and add the name of the website you want to review. Click the ‘Start Crawling’ button, and the Smart SEO Auditor will do its job. The results come in a pretty readable format, and if required, you can transport everything in an Excel file.

All in all, Smart SEO Auditor is a smart launch (quite literally!) and it will benefit most website owners, webmasters and SEO gurus.