Amazing strategy games that you can play on your PC or MAC

Strategy games are more than just ordinary games which don’t do much to provide any mind stimulation. Strategy games make you think hard, sharpen your mind, make you a better strategist and while doing all this; they are super fun as well. You can become head of a warring clan in one game while in the other you could become the commander of a spaceship in a far- off galaxy. There are some very famous games which have gained immense popularity amongst all PC as well as MAC users. If you don’t own Mac, don’t worry because you can play strategy games at

The list begins with the much loved game Starcraft II. It is the sequel of Starcraft released in ’98 and has been released in three installments, the latest being the Legacy of the Void in the year 2015. The super strategic game scene is balance by a very engaging storyline. It can be bought digitally by Blizzard entertainment.


XCOM 2 is the sequel to XCOM and takes a 20 year leap in the sequel. The objective is to fight off the hostile aliens which have taken over the earth while assuming the role of XCOM which is a military organization. From the base the player has to conduct research for new weapons and strategy while giving orders as well. Every time you play XCOM 2 the game seems fresh and new because of the different maps that are detail- oriented. It can be played by a single player or can also be played in a multiplayer mode.


Skylines is a game which lets you become the founder and manager of an entire city. It consists of city building simulations completely packed with many modern twists. You have to manage the traffic within the different districts which makes it a more exciting game.

Warhammer 40000, Dawn of War

Warhammer 40000, Dawn of War begins on a planet Tartarus which is ruled by Orks. The human race is struggling from becoming extinct and constantly has to deal with Eldar and the Chaos. It can be played as a single player campaign and the game provides four armies; psychic race of Eldars, Space Marines, Chaos Marines and savage Orks. The player has to establish various units as well as the headquarters. The resources like power have to be generated and thus the setting up of various units is a strategic decision on the player’s part. The battles in the game are won by capturing the enemy units and protecting them for as long as you can.


Homeworld is one of the classics which are played in a completely 3D space. There are two races in the game which are playable; Kushan and Taiidan. The objective of the game is to locate Hiigaara which is the Homeworld of Kushan. In the single player mission of this game, the story has sixteen missions. In the online game of Homeworld, multiplayer option allows for player to either play with Taiidan or Kushan. The game involves keeping the resources and the fleet alive.