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Amazing Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

While there are several CMS (Content Management System) software available in the market, WordPress continues to retain the prime spot. According to a report on W3Techs, WordPress powers around 35% of all the websites on the internet. In the CMS market, WordPress has a market share of 63.6%, followed by Shopify with a market share of only 4.9%.

While WordPress is now a go-to option for people wanting to build a new website, selecting a hosting service is not as simple. For instance, an increasing number of business websites and online stores created on WordPress now use managed WordPress hosting.

Here’s a look at the advantages of managed hosting:

Professional Website Maintenance

The most significant benefit of using managed hosting is that the day-to-day website maintenance is managed by professionals who are well-versed with WordPress. A website owner already has many different aspects to take care of. While WordPress does an exceptional job of making things easier, website maintenance is still a time and effort-consuming process.

With managed hosting, website owners get access to professionals who have vast experience using this popular CMS software. With professionals focused on website maintenance and performance, owners can better focus on other aspects of growing their website.

Dedicated WordPress Support

When someone is new to building and running a website, the whole process can seem daunting. You may also require professional assistance at every step. For customers using managed WordPress hosting, the service providers have a dedicated team of support executives who have extensive WordPress knowledge and experience.

As compared to the standard hosting support executives, these dedicated professionals are better skilled to provide an instant solution to customer queries related to WordPress. Moreover, they are available 24×7 to provide all the help the customers need at any time. However, note that the support facility can vary with the hosting provider.

Improved Hosting Performance and Features

For hosting resources, storage, speed and bandwidth, managed hosting plans are more generous. Whether you are looking to build a business website or an online store using WordPress, these managed plans ensure maximum performance. Similarly, they also come loaded with benefits.

For instance, it is quite common for WordPress hosting in India to include features such as free themes, analytics, backups, malware detection, SEO tools, and more. This eliminates the need for website owners to purchase more tools, plugins, or software for their website.

Host Multiple Websites

People planning to launch multiple websites on WordPress generally need to purchase individual hosting plans for each. Every website will then have a separate hosting account. But with managed hosting, the hosting providers offer the flexibility to host multiple websites within a single hosting plan.

This allows the website owners to manage all their websites from a single hosting account, saving a lot of time. However, you must note that not all the hosting providers offer this facility.

Any website owner that is serious about growing their business website or online store built on WordPress should consider managed WordPress hosting. As the hosting service is fine-tuned for WordPress and experienced engineers and support executives are available 24×7, these plans allow the website owners to focus on building and growing their online business.