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A Startup’s Easy Guide for Hiring a Web Designer!

Small businesses owners and startup founders often have to don many hats at the same time, primarily because they are trying to save on HR costs. However, when it comes to designing a website, it’s necessary to hire experience and expertise over money-saving tactics.  When you hire website designer, it’s easy to plan and execute ideas instead of dealing with the design challenges. In this post, we are discussing aspects that matter in selecting a web designer for the job.

Teams vs. freelancers

When you look for web designing services, you will find many companies that have a core design team in place, while there are individual freelancers, who offer services independently. It would be rather wrong to disrespect one option for the other, because both have a few pros and cons. Freelancers are always cheaper, but you need to be sure that the person you hire is experienced enough and has the necessary expertise to handle the project. Professional services, on the other hand, may not take up small projects, and the charges are usually on the higher side. However, you can be assured of having more minds on the work, which certainly takes the designing process to the next level.

Portfolio says it all

Regardless of whether you hire an independent designer or a service, the range of work they have done so far is extremely critical. You need to be sure that they have worked on projects with varied requirements and have handled at least a few websites that are similar to yours in terms of structure and scale. Don’t be hesitant to ask for references, because if a company has worked on more than 50 websites, they are likely to offer at least 5 references on request.

Get an estimate

Eventually, startups and small companies have limited funds, and one of the first aspects for selecting a service is the price. Designing and developing a website is a scalable process. This means that you can actually get a realistic idea of the pricing, which is always offered in advance. Besides website development, many companies also offer additional tech assistance, ideally for a month for free, following which you can opt for a maintenance package. Don’t be tempted to choose a designer just because of the price, unless you have checked their previous work.

Check online now to find more on website design services and get at least a few estimates.